final pt2

well today in it i did the pt 2 of the finals.i had to do the school. today was also our last it class. that means this will probably be my last blog post.

final exam part 1

since it is almost over, we are doing our final exams. i did part 1 which is the questions. in part 2 we have to draw the school in sketchup. i will do part 2 on monday.


for my 3d project i did a 9v battery holder for the cars the 5th graders.

class 30

well my project for the 3d printer is done. so in class me and mr kelley made sure it works. it didnt at first because there was some stuff in the bottom from the printing process. we cut it out and now it works. we also watched a video on mike rowe. it explained about why you shouldnt always follow your passion. it honestly made no sense. my passion is working on stuff. i want to do something in the mechanical engineering field.

class 29

as i mentioned in my last post, my computer broke and i lost my house. i tried again unsucessfully to get the files back but failed. mr kelley told me i needed to get a new battery holder off of thingiverse because the old one wouldnt  print. so i found one.

class 28

well im happy because my computer is fixed and i have it back. i can now work on my sketchup house. or so i thought. however i saved my house but the computer lost the file when it broke.😕 instead today in it we watched videos. out opf the engineers talked about i would want to be a mechanical.

class 27

well i did something a little out of the ordinary in IT today. i didnt work on my house in sketchup, but i couldn't anyway because it is broken. so everyone in the class worked on vacuum cleaner heads.